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Friends of Midland
PO Box 7442
Steelton, PA 17113-0442
April 18, 2011

Dear Friends of Midland:

Saturday, May 28th, 2011 1:00PM
Our Memorial celebration at the Midland Cemetery is scheduled for the above date. The cemetery is located in Swatara Township on Kelker Street and Cole Alley. This is the only historic site designated such by the Swatara Township Commissioners. It holds the remains of Slaves, United States Colored Troops, Buffalo Soldiers and many others that added to the history of America.

Using the enclosed form, place your ad to support the Friends of Midland. Your ad will aid in the continued restoration and preservation of this local historic site.

Please take time to read over the information and respond positively. We, the volunteers, need your support and donations as we continue with the restoration and preservation of your Midland Cemetery.

Please return the enclosed form immediately by Monday May 23, 2011 to secure your place in our booklet. We salute all veterans.

Our keynote speaker will be the Mr. Earl Merritt of Penn State University, State College. Mr. Merritt is well versed in African American history. Please come to hear and learn about the history of your community.

Remember your ad will help with the preservation of the cemetery. If you attend the ceremony you will be given your copy for your files at that time. If you cannot attend then we will sent it to you within a few days after the ceremony. Please announce in your organization's newsletter or bulletin.

Don’t forget…we are a non-profit 501c (3) organization.

With regards,
Barbara Barksdale, President

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