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Steelton Proms

From Kaye Allen, February 26, 2005

As I have been told by my sister-in-law, Gloria Allen who was a member of that class, the Steelton High graduating Class of 1951 rebelled against the segregated prom feature that had existed for so many years. In an effort that was spearheaded by certain black students and the liberal thinking whites of that class, an alternative prom was developed and funded by the students themselves and held at the then newly renovated Steelton Elks on Adams Street. The following year (1952), my husband's graduating class continued the "Self-help" prom concept at the same location. Since we left the area shortly thereafter, we are not sure how long that effort lasted. From all reports, the students who wanted to participate in these "social paradigm shifts" had a great time and laid the groundwork for life-long friendships...contrary to the beliefs of the "old guard."

Editor's note:  Ms. Allen provides some wonderful new information regarding this topic.  Does anyone remember these events and know how long they lasted?
More information:
  See Calobe Jackson's letter of September 14, 2003, regarding Steelton Proms.
See the photograph from Sheila Green Stevenson of Steelton students in prom attire.

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