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Monumental A.M.E. 100th Anniversary

June 18, 2005

From Calobe Jackson, Jr., June 10, 2005

June 18, 2005 is the 100 anniversary of the ground breaking for the Monumental A.M.E. church located at 2nd and Adams Streets in Steelton. Robert Fields, an ex-slave who is buried at Midland Cemetery, broke the ground with a pick. Albert Mobley, a young member, removed the first dirt. One of the speakers was W. Justin Carter.

I sent copies of the newspaper announcement, pictures of W. Justin Carter and a picture of W.R. Gullins to the church historian. Rev. Gullins pastored in Milledgeville, Georgia before coming to Steelton. The State Library has one of his books on film: Heroes of the Virginia Annual Conference of the AME Church,1899.

Calobe Jackson

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