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Saddler Sgt. Nimrod Adams

10th Cavalry

From Calobe Jackson, Jr., July 4, 2005

I must share this story with you. Nimrod Adams, who died in March 1909 in Steelton, Pa., was thought to be buried in Midland Cemetery, but was not. One of his descendants asked me to check Lincoln Cemetery. I found the tombstone listed in my directory. His descendants knew that he was a member of the 10th Cavalry, with the rank of Sergeant. We found his tombstone, and his date of burial was March 15, 1909. The 10th Cavalry was also listed. The Steelton Reporter carried his obituary, which stated that he was a member of the 10th Cavalry. Furthermore he fought at the battle of San Juan Hill and joined the unit in 1873. He fought in many western campaigns. This makes him a real Buffalo Soldier.

Searching his name on Google, Dogpile and Yahoo, I found a listing of the soldiers of the 10th Cavalry that were in Cuba. I also found a site that was auctioning an 1898 Soldier's Manual with the name "Sad Nimrod Adams" written in script at the top of the manual.

Now, the roster of the 10th Cavalry listed Nimrod Adams in Troop A with the title of Saddler. While watching the movie "Ft. Apache" last night, I heard the order given for all 1st Sergeants, and Saddler Sergeants to report to headquarters. This was my first knowledge of a Saddler Sgt. This explains the "Sad." before Nimrod Adams on the manual.

Sgt. Nimrod Adams is another of our fine military persons that are interred at Midland and Lincoln. I can identify some who fought at Ft. Wagner, San Juan Hill and the Western Front.

Calobe Jackson

Editor's note:  A roster of soldiers who served at Fort Davis, in western Texas, lists Private Nimrod Adams in Company A of the 10th Cavalry.  It also notes he enlisted on 4 October 1881 at San Antonio. ("Soldiers' Roster 1A," Fort Davis National Historic Site, NPS, accessed 25 February 2007)  For another local 10th Cavalry veteran, see the notation for Sgt. Pressley Holliday in "Other Outstanding Graduates"

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