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Black Chambersburg
by Edna Christian Knapper, 1956

From John W. Scott, November 7, 2005

This book is found in the Kittochtinny Historical Society in Chambersburg and has a listing of outstanding African Americans of Chambersburg and a list showing early wills of people who owned slaves. From this list I believe I have found my great great grandfather, Isaac. I am in the process of verifying this but dates and things are so coincidental it's hard not to believe.

It reads: "William Scott 1786 - Montgomery Township - Negro Bobbie - to be free in 15 years. Two Negro men Ben and Guss, Phillis and her young child, Negro boy named Isaac, Negro Girl named Hannah."  Notice in the list of Ms. Shearer's research a William Scott married a Hannah Harrison in 1820.

By the way, I roomed at Mrs. Knapper's house while attending Shippensburg State Teachers College.  I shall stay in touch and welcome any input from all.

John W. Scott

Note:  John W. Scott is co-author of the book African Americans of Harrisburg.--editor


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