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August Wilson

From Calobe Jackson, Jr., November 11, 2005

Diverse: Your Portal to Diversity: In Memoriam: August Wilson: 1945-2005

These two portals are about August Wilson. The timeline lists Dr. Maisha Baton, of Harrisburg, who appeared with Wilson. Maisha is the sister of Dr. Barbara Baton. Both graduated from William Penn High School.  Baton-Felton school was named for Barbara.

Maisha teaches African American studies at the University of New Mexico. She has written several plays. "Kate's Sister" is about a woman who served in the 9th Cavalry.

I really like Wilson's idea of writing about each decade. Our history needs this. As I read through the decades of newspapers, I visualize the real history of our race.

I have heard that the Patriot has refused to allow its newspaper to be digitized. Perhaps this is the crusade we historians should join.

Calobe Jackson

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