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Midland Cemetery~ 
Names of Persons Buried at Midland:
Additional Names, List B


Midland Cemetery was recently rescued from neglect by local historian Barbara B. Barksdale, who began the Friends of Midland organizationThat organization is the best source of information on the cemetery.  They can be contacted at the following address:
Friends of Midland, P. O. Box 7442, Steelton, Pennsylvania 17113-0442.
E-mail:  Friends of Midland

This is a partial list of names of the persons buried at Midland Cemetery. It was compiled by volunteers and researchers for the Friends of Midland Cemetery organization, and is a list of persons known to have been buried at Midland, collected from various sources.  It is presented here as it was originally recorded by the Friends of Midland researchers.

This is not a complete list of the burials at Midland.  Supplemental lists of names are below, and more will follow as we transcribe documents, interview persons, and discover new information.  A master list of all the names currently in our database, including the names of African Americans who died in Steelton in the late 1800's and early 1900's, but who are not confirmed to be buried in Steelton, is available by clicking here.

Names that may or may not be on other lists:
Grave Number and Name

523 Bertha Coates
525 Louis Garnett
501 Doctor Walker
633 Samuel Garnett
73 William Smothers
507 Frank Brown
533-536 Sarah Brown
132 Susie Rivers
326 John Dixon
327 Henrietta Green
806 Louis Fleming
321 E. Brookin
337 Wm Washington
340 W.J. Bailor
C.W. Bolten
332 Henry Bowden
334 Annie Rosco
Lula Brooks
347 Char Stannard
James Washington
105 George Polston
363 Clyde Brodus
97 Martin Fergerson
219 J. Brandt
145-146 Chas. Brandt
355-358 Wm. Stevenson
356-357-359-363 Emma Stevenson
372 Mary D. Fergerson
375-378 Sylester Stevenson
376 Amolia Poston
374-259 Annie Brandt
251 Robert Porter
Mollie Bolding
392 Fannie Moten H.
393 Henry Boyd
273 Fannie Johnston
391 Hattie Arp
381 E. Hart
380 Frank Jackson

The list below is from Oral History given by Philone Brannock (McKamey) of mostly relatives and some friends

383 Lewis Carter
Annie McKamey
Lee Turner
Beatrice Oram
Carline McKamey G.M
Joseph McKamey Gf
Lee D. McKamey - Father
Gerthude McKamey - Mother
John H. McKamey - Brother
Nellie T. McKamey - Sister
George F. Mckamey - Uncle - Deacon
Newton McKamey
Eugene McKamey - cousin WWII
Betty McKamey - cousin
Ida Jackson - aunt
Essie Armstrong -aunt
Frank Brown Sr.
Sarah Brown
laura Stewart
Edward Stewart
Ethel Jones
Charles Arp
James F. Goodwin & wife
George Ghoslton and wife
James and Emily Washington
Doc Walker
Lollie Jackson
Julia Carter
Andrew Carter
Reuben Barnett - Deacon
Lena Garnett
John and Lelie Trice
John and Lena Brandt
Ray Brandt
Mr. And Mrs. Washington Jorday
Ed Hart and Luella
Mr. And Mrs. George Hawkins
Ida Lewis
Will McKamey
Joseph Armstrong
Margaret Allen
Ida Branford
Annie Jenning
James Jenning
Amila Paston - Mt Zion
James Allen Sr.
Mary Allen
George and Fannie Moten
Reubin and Pearl Garnett

Additional Burials at Midland

All Names, A-Z
Tombstone Transcriptions
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