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Midland Cemetery~ 
Names of Persons Buried at Midland:

Additional Names, List D


Midland Cemetery was recently rescued from neglect by local historian Barbara B. Barksdale, who began the Friends of Midland organizationThat organization is the best source of information on the cemetery.  They can be contacted at the following address:
Friends of Midland, P. O. Box 7442, Steelton, Pennsylvania 17113-0442.
  Friends of Midland

This is a partial list of names of the persons buried at Midland Cemetery. It was compiled by volunteers and researchers for the Friends of Midland Cemetery organization, and is a list of persons believed to have been buried at Midland, collected from various sources as noted.  It is presented here as it was originally recorded by the Friends of Midland researchers.

This is not a complete list of the burials at Midland.  Supplemental lists of names will follow as we transcribe documents, interview persons, and discover new information.  A master list of all the names currently in our database, including the names of African Americans who died in Steelton but are not confirmed to be buried in Midland Cemetery, is available by clicking here.

Names that may or may not be on other lists

Names Retrieved from Steelton Press Newspaper, Edited by Peter Blackwell
1907 Edition

Bernard Blakey 1907
Susan Thompson
S.M. Bumgardner
Edmond Thompson
Fannie James
Edward Brodus
Annie Lewis
Rachael Bailor
Rebecca Madden
Carrie Williams
William James
Mary C. Baer
Jorday Pierce
Fannie Ausley
Mary Wilkshelm
Washington Bailor
Ellen Cole
Martha Mobley
Mary A. Fisher
Thomas Polston
Mary Bosley
Bessie Walker
John Marshall
Martha Johnson
William Henry Jones Jr. - 1938?
Jason Branch

From a page from an old log book that was found in the basement of Mount Zion Baptist Church during a clean up and throw out day.

lots number -- name -- age/year or date of death

Click for a larger image.  File size:  111kb S.G. 511 Mary Fleming 30/1929
S.G. 564 Gilmord Matt 29/1932
S.G.574 Marry Gallery 60/1932
Lt 391 Sp 3 Anna Goodwin 54/06-15-1937
Lt 619 sp 2 Joseph Garnes 51/12-1933
lt 350 sp 4 Mrs. Fannie Graves 42/ bought by James English
llt 129 sp 1 Fanny Geary not recorded
lt 633 sp 4 Mrs. Lucid Mam Garnett not recorded
lt 619 sp 1 S. Ecomni Garner S.B.
lt 383 sp 1 William H. Groce 80/1936
lt 525 sp 1 Louis Garnett 1932
lt 541 sp 2 Anna Green 48/12-28-1932
S.G. 574 Marie Galley 10/24/32
lt 382 sp 2 Lousa A Gzoce ??? 5/11/36
Joseph Grant 5/20/37
sp A13 Baby Girl Griffin 6/10/37
lt 525 sp 2 Tina Garnett Oct-37
lt 619 sp 3 Lucy Garnes 49/1938
lt 401 sp 1 Rev. O.P. Goodman dod 1939
lt 401 sp Mrs. Martha Goodman 58/1939
lt 351 sp 2 Wilson Green 02/17/1940 snow storm
S.G. B48 Baby Girl Glaze 6/23/47
Click for a larger verison.  File size:  95kb Alice Grant 6/13/49 hill lot along alley of cemetery where drinking fountain
S.G. 116 Leonora Gardner 36/3-9-1917
S.G. 120 David Goodwin 30/1917
S.G. 136 John Gillian 38/1918
S.G. 177 Robert Geary 43/1918
lt 266 S.B. Glehas Guthrn?? 1918
lt 517 Rosa Gregory 29y5m/1919
lt 266 S.B. Chas Guthrne 1919
S.G. 204 S.B. James Goodwin 1919
S.B.Chas Girtherer 1918
S.G. 229 Baby O Gholston 1920
S.G.231 Lula Grey 62/1920
S.G. 232 Selina Gates 69/1921
Lt 391 Mrs. Ir Goodwin 88/1921
lt 377 Arthur M. Gray 53/1923
S.G. 313 Juline Green 6y/1923
lt 424-249 Pearl S. Garnett 46/1926
S.G. 395 Isaac Green 70/1926
S.G.399 S.B. Baby Garnett 1926
S.G. 407 Napolin Goodman 10m/1926
lt 242-249 J. Rubin Garnett 48/1926
S.G. 444 Peter Garnett 1927
S.G. 4450 Geo Giggs 51/1927
lt 351 Albert Green 48/1928
S.G. 461 S.B. Baby Gilmore 1928
S.G. 480 Nan Gilmore 33/1928
S.G. 486 Annie Green 35/1929

The following is from a list that was given to me.

S.G.178 S.B. Baby House 1/18/23
lt 516 J. Arthur Jackson 40/1/19/1923
S.G. 279 Verline Walker 3/1/22/1923
lt 520 Robert Franklin 69/1/29/1923
S.G. 520 George Edward Hart 9/1/31/1923
S.G.281 Lucile Brown 1m/11d/2/5/1923
S.G.281 Lucie Ritter 5weeks/2/12/1923
S.G. 283 Herman Williams 30/2/20/1923
S.G.284 Amanda McCallon 38/3/2/1923
S.G. 285 Baby Dickinson 3wks/3/5/1923

Additional Burials at Midland

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