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Steelton Proms, Clubs, and Socko's

From Calobe Jackson, Jr., September 14, 2003
Sheila, I have some information on the Steelton Prom. 1958 was probable the first year of an integrated Steelton Prom. Prior to that the Oasis Club, an all white club of the high school, held a prom for its members only. Since no blacks belonged, blacks were not asked to attend. Blacks had a club named the Douglas Club, which had a prom for its club members. The Douglas Club goes back to at least 1906. I have some documentation on this club. It was composed of Steelton and Harrisburg black Alumni and presented awards to black graduates of both schools. Harry Burrs and John P. Scott were involved. As I have previously stated, Steelton was graduating a much larger number of black students than any city in central Pennsylvania. Steelton was very proud of its Hygienic School, in which blacks from the "Hill of Steelton" attended. Down in the "Low End" blacks attended integrated elementary schools.

I just received a poor copy of a picture of "Socko's" store at 6th and Verbeke. It shows the corner with cars parked at an angle going down Verbeke. I am searching for the original.


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