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slavery in pennsylvania

Susquehanna County tnt (this and that)

Free Persons of Color data

Persons documented in early marriage and death records

  • Henry Hazel, age 18, negro, died at Bridgewater 11 October1842.
  • Agnes Hinds [slave dau], married 12 October1831 John Stout [colored], both of Montrose.
  • Obadiah Johnson, Bridgewater, colored, married 18 April1837 Julia Ann Chester, Harrisburg.
  • Philis Sherman, age 61, of Barrington RI, a very much respected colored woman of the family of Capt. John T. Childs, died 3 May1837.
  • Susanna Underwood, Brooklyn, married 6 September1837 William Washington, Philadelphia, colored.  Mrs. Washington's maternal grandfather, Bristol Budd Sampson, was in the Revolutionary War, attendant on Gen. Washington. He received a pension with which he bought the land on which he lived in Brooklyn. His first wife was Phebe, a daughter of Prince Perkins who came from Connecticut, settled in Brooklyn in 1793, was called Prince Perkins because had been a slave in the Perkins family while slavery was legal in Connecticut. Died, 1839.


Harrington, Jeanne E. S. Marriage Records and Death Records 1816-1849 copied from the Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania Newspapers, 1922.  Transcribed by Bettina H. Kesteloot, 2003, and

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