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Washington County Miscellaneous Data

 Index of Persons Listed On This Page:

  1. John (free person of color)
  2. Unnamed term slave, 13 years old

 The Data


  • Name  John
     Abducted and taken into Virginia, circa 1791.  Three men were indicted in Washington County in the case of his kidnapping, and the following action was taken in 1791 by the Pennsylvania courts:  "June 4: Wrote a letter to His Excellency Beverly Randolph, Esq. Gov. of the State of Va. demanding that Balwin Parsons, Francis McGuire and Absalom Wells who have been indicted in Washington Co. for having illegally and forcibly carried off from the said County a certain free Negro named John with an intention to sell him as a slave in another State may be delivered up to this State."  The notation was listed in the published Pennsylvania Archives, Ninth Series, 1791.
    Source      "Pennsylvania Archives--Ninth Series--1791," at, accessed 16 October 2006.
  • From: The History of Washington County: from its first settlement to the present
    by Alfred Creigh, 1871 Second Edition:

    "In the Reporter of March 8, 1813, is the following advertisement: For sale,
    a negro boy who has thirteen years to serve; he is stout and healthy. Apply at
    the office of the Reporter." (Jan Slater to Afrolumens Project, 19 April 2009)


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