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 A teacher in the primary grades, Hygienic School, 1910.A student in the primary grades, Hygienic School, 1910.



African American History
in South Central
the 20th Century

African American Graduates
of Steelton H.S., 1943, 1951 and 1952

List supplied by Gene Allen


The following is an addendum to our transcription of an old school theme book containing the names of 284 African American graduates of Steelton High School.  This list is from Gene Allen and covers the years 1943, 1951 and 1952.  The original book  covered the time period from 1885 to 1940, and lists the Black graduates for each year.  The book was supplied by Clayton C. Carelock of the Friends of Midland organization. Originally formed to rescue and rehabilitate the historic Midland Cemetery, the Friends of Midland also have an interest in local African American history, including the Hygienic School.  They are very interested in hearing from former students of the Hygienic School, and any of the Steelton High students, or their descendants, listed here, and can be contacted at the following address:
Friends of Midland, P. O. Box 7442, Steelton, Pennsylvania 17113-0442.
Friends of Midland

"One of the traditions in Steelton was for families to buy yearbooks regardless of whether they had graduates in the class. That being said, there must be a collection in the libraries or at the very least, in people's homes. I can't imagine that the long-time residential families would not have these yearbooks from which you could get the info you desire."

"From the Class of 1943 were:
Jacob Broden
James Broden
Clayton Carelock
Samuel Chivis
Mary Brooks
Lela Clark
Anna Curtis
James English
Lenese Head
Mildred Harper
Jean Jones
Charles Johnson
Mary Jordan
Henrietta Nickens
Zane Phoenix
Bertha Robinson
Wardell Stewart
Alonzo Swann, Jr.
Mabel Stannard and
Romayne Woodward."

"From the Class of 1951, as I recall there were 23 Black graduates. Among them were:
Gloria Allen
Leslie Anderson
Gaylor Green
Ronald McKamey
June Trice
Libby Ann (Keys) Williams
Betty (Leftwich) Waters
Faye Fletcher
Cornelius Beaden
Alfred King
Major Brookins
Bea Williams
Marcella Moffat
Jackie Jones
Ann Murray
Vernell Hannah
Sylvester Slade
June Frye
"Skoogie" Jones
Larry McLamb"

"From the Class of 1952 were:
Eugene Allen
Ludella (Andrews) Alsop
Clarence Benton, Jr
Roosevelt Benton
Clarence Brown
Marian Bryant
Charles Carelock
Juanita Childs
Myrtle Childs
Charles Chivis
William Clark
Evelyn Clyde
Sylvia Holmes
James Hyman
Dorothy McNeil
George Pennix
Geneva Proctor
Sarah Wallace
Bernice (Wise), and
Orville Wright"

"Please let me know how this project goes. I would love to see a complete list published. As you can see, differentiating who went to Hygienic versus the complete list of Black SHS graduates will be a daunting task. So many dropped out in Hygienic or before graduating. Would there be any historical information in the papers of Samuel H. Coles or Rev. Vernon R. James (or other Hygienic teachers)?" 

Gene Allen

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See also: "Former Teachers in the Hygienic School"


Email correspondence, Gene Allen  to Barbara Barksdale, "Re: Steelton High School Graduates," July 26, 28, 2005.

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