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African Americans in the 1820 Census

Dauphin County, page 1
Harrisburg -- African American Households
or Neighborhoods

1820 Census Data

Harrisburg, part 1

Total # in 
Head of Household Slaves Free Colored Persons  (m) male  (f) female
  (w) white  fc (FPOC)   0-14 14-26 26-45 45+
3 George Chester (fc)   1m   1m, 1f  
2 William Bradford (fc)     1m, 1f    
4 John Walters (fc)     1f 2m, 1f  
2 George W. Cull (fc)       1m, 1f  
5 Caesar Nathan (fc)   1m, 2f   1m, 1f  
4 John Thomas (fc)   1f   1m, 1f  
2 Hannah Moore (fc)   1f   1f  
4 Ishmail Bryan (fc)   1m, 1f   1m, 1f  
1 David Jones (fc)       1m  
5 John Watson (fc)   1m, 1f 1f   1m, 1f
2 James Molson (fc)     1m, 1f    
7 Andrew Sharper (fc)   1f 3m, 2f 1m  
4 Dianna Hagerman (fc)     2m 1m, 1f  
9 John Bellows (fc)   2m, 1f 3m, 1f 1f 1m
4 Dick Pool (fc)   2f 1f   1m
3 George Johnston (fc)   1f   1m, 1f  
3 Edward Davis (fc)   1m   1f 1m
3 Charles Daugherty (fc)   1f   1m, 1f  
3 Philip Jones (fc)   1m   1m, 1f  
1 Philis Smith (fc)       1f  
1 Nancy Dellam (fc)     1f    
9 Edward Thompson (fc)   1m, 3f 1m, 1f 2m, 1f  
1 David Smith (fc)     1m    
6 James McKlintick (fc)   3m, 1f   1m, 1f  
2 John Brown (fc)     1f 1m  
2 Manna Brian (fc)       1m, 1f  
2 Nathan Butler (fc)       1f 1m

Harrisburg,  part 2
incomplete data

Total # in 
Head of Household Slaves Free Colored Persons  (m) male  (f) female
  (w) white  fc (FPOC)   0-14 14-26 26-45 45+
  Mary Hanna (w) 1f, 45+ 1m      
7 John Fiats (fc)          
3 Benjamin Roberts (fc)          
1 Charles Butler (fc)       1m  
6 Moses Penn (fc)          
3 Francis Paul (fc)          
2f Maria Rickets (fc)          
8 Daniel Hall (fc)          

Number of African American households: 34
Total number of African Americans enumerated in those households:  125
Total number of slaves: 
1 female, age 45+
This is not a complete listing of all African Americans in Harrisburg in 1820.  This page lists identifiable African American households.  William Henry Egle's Notes and Queries, under a short article titled "Population of Harrisburg in 1810 and 1820," notes that there were 187 "free people of color," and one slave in 1820.  This indicates that quite a few additional households could be added to this listing.  Egle also notes that Harrisburg's population in 1810 included 81 "free negroes" and two slaves. (Notes and Queries XXIX, Third Series, Volume I, page 184)

Source for this material

Population Schedules of the Fourth Census of the United States: 1820.  Roll 102; Pennsylvania; Volume 7. Pennsylvania, Dauphin County. Microfilm in the Pennsylvania State Archives, Harrisburg, PA.

Egle, William Henry.  Notes and Queries, XXIX, Third Series, Volume I.  Harrisburg, PA.

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