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The items below are small articles and bits and pieces of information that are interesting but do not justify the creation of a separate page.

First African American School in Gettysburg

The first school for African American children in the town of Gettysburg was formed as a result of the Common School System of 1834. On November 28, 1834, the town was divided into four districts, with one school for each district. These "common schools" were held in private households.

Only white students were allowed to attend the district common schools. All of the town's African American students were to attend a separate common school, which was located in the house of Mrs. Keech. All of the common schools, white and black, opened for classes on January 5, 1835.

History of Cumberland and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania, Part III, History of Adams County, Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co., 1886.

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