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Prestonia Mann Martin and the Mann Family of New York

Research by Enid Mastrianni, Page 7

March 12, 2005, Oneida Institute

Thanks for your note. I have been contacted by some Mann researchers. A distant cousin of Prestonia's has been "on the case." She made another astonishing discovery. John Preston Mann did indeed go to the Oneida Institute! The Utica Public Library has a collection of items published in or near Utica. They have several documents which include student rosters of the Oneida Institute for 1834, 1836 and 1837. (Formal titles: "A Sketch of the Condition and Prospects of the Oneida Institute. By the Board of Instruction and Government. Published by order of the Board of Trustees. Utica: Printed by Bennett and Bright, 1834,""Catalogue of the Officers and Students in the Oneida Institute. 1836 Whitesborough: Oneida Inst. Typographical Association. 1836," and "Catalogue of the Trustees, Faculty and Students of the Oneida Institute. Whitesboro, 1937"

John P. Mann appears as a member of the "Juvenile Department" in 1834, is not mentioned in the 1836 document and is listed in the "Freshman Class" in 1837.

What's really fascinating is his classmates. Henry Highland Garnet is there, as is Alexander Crummell. Also several "Lane Rebels" are also listed. Some of the students later turn up at Oberlin. There is also a Jonathan Copeland, Jr. listed in the 1837 edition as a senior. A John Copeland was with John Brown at Harper's Ferry and was hung later. Same guy? More research required.



1. Correspondence, Enid Mastrianni to Afrolumens Project, March 12, 2005.

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