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Sheila Green-Stevenson's 
High School Memories:
Swatara High Football



The photograph and information below was submitted by Sheila Green-Stevenson, a Florida resident who grew up in Harrisburg.  Sheila has been regularly contributing articles and photographs about her memories of growing up in Harrisburg.  Her items are among the most popular pages visited, and draw many responses from Afrolumens Project readers. 

This material is a snippet of information about the 1930 football team of Swatara Township High School.  The team, as can be seen, included several African American players.  To view some of Sheila's high school football images, please click here.

 Swatara Township High Football
1930 Team Photo and Schedule

Swatara Township High School 1930 football team.  Click for a larger image.

Photograph and text taken from The Swatara Swatter, page 51.  Click the image for a large, full size picture.

Rear row, left to right:  Mr. Shuler, coach; Gongloff, Dunlap, Richer, Stepp, Kurn, Cohick, Dunlap, Berkie, Roberts, Cashman, Vukmanic.  Middle Row, left to right: Brown, Stevenson, Knoll, Retreivi, Yursic, Moore, Logan, A. Solerno.  Front Row, left to right:  Schenfelt, Laudenslager, Seibort, Bolan, Garnes, Koch, Stankovich, Hartz.

Swatara Township High Football Schedule

Opposing Team Opponents S.T.H.S.
Highspire 0 25
Alumni 0 0
Hershey 20 13
Steelton 7 19
Duncannon 7 0
Middletown 26 0
Hummelstown 6 0
Williamstown 6 18
Enola 20 18
Total points 92 93

Calobe Jackson, Jr. of Harrisburg comments "Sheila, this is a great picture of the Swatara High team. Is the Stevenson on that picture related to "Bainy" Stevenson, who played for Steelton High in the 1930's?  I think he played college ball at Bluefield State and then became head football coach at Cheyney State College.  The football field at Cheyney is named for him.

"This site shows rededication of O'Shields-Stevenson Stadium. Bainy is in the picture on left, with beard: " (Calobe Jackson to Sheila Stevenson and Afrolumens Project, 8 February 2007)


Correspondence, Sheila Green-Stevenson to Afrolumens Project, 22 January 2007.  


The Afrolumens Project extends its sincere thanks to Sheila Green-Stevenson for sending these items.

For More Information

For local high school football memories, see page two from Sheila Green-Stevenson.

For more Steelton material, see our Midland Cemetery pages, and the American Mosaic Project pages about Steelton, from Dickinson College.

Several readers have added stories about Steelton's proms, both integrated and segregated.  See letters from Calobe Jackson Jr., and Kaye Allen.


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