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Prestonia Mann Martin and the Mann Family of New York

Research by Enid Mastrianni, Page 10

May 10, 2007, The Friend of Man

I've recently been in touch with Donna Burdick, an historian who has done a lot of research around Peterboro, NY. She tipped me off that The Friend of Man is now online through Cornell University. A great resource!

In just a cursory browsing I found that Newton Mann was elected a vice president of the Jefferson County Anti-Slavery Society in 1837. See:

Not sure if I mentioned this already, but Rev. Beriah Green took his entire class to the 1835 Utica Anti-Slavery meeting that was mobbed and then reconvened at Peterboro. I saw this when I compared the list of delegates in Tom Calarco's appendix to the student rosters of the Oneida Institute. In addition, the Rev. John Copeland (a student at Oneida) wrote an autobiography, Life and Times of Rev. J. Copeland, where he mentions attending this meeting with his classmates.

An impression I have through browsing The Friend of Man is that a lot of UGRR activity went through Binghamton NY.

Enid Mastrianni1
Glens Falls, NY


1. Correspondence, Enid Mastrianni to Afrolumens Project, 10 May 2007.

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