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African American man, woman and young boy crouch in a barn, hiding from slave catchers. 

People involved with the story of Pennsylvania's Underground Railroad network, including activists, freedom seekers, station masters, conductors, financiers, lawyers, slave hunters, abolitionists, anti-slavery and pro-slavery adherents, politicians, heroes, villains, and more.

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Free Persons of Color

Underground Railroad

The Violent Decade

US Colored Troops

Civil War

Year of Jubilee (1863)


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Africa, Franklin County | Columbia, Lancaster County
Yellow Hill, Adams County | Zercher's Hotel, Christiana
Pottsville, Schuylkill County | Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County

Special Focus

Thaddeus Stevens' in NPS Network to Freedom
Ceorge and Jane Chester Family
Martin R. Delany Grave Site
Edward H. Rauch, Anti-Slavery Spy


John and Eli Adams, Green County


Read it for free, here. 

The Year of Jubilee

Vol. 1: Men of God and Vol. 2: Men of Muscle

by George F. Nagle

The Year of Jubilee is the story of Harrisburg'g free African American community, from the era of colonialism and enslavement to hard-won freedom.

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